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Oh my! A mouse!

May 3rd, 2013 | Tags:

I had hoped it would at least be a few months before we had to use the card we received from Specialized Pest Control, a pest control Company in Sacramento, but i twas regrettably only five days. We moved into a new apartment complex in Sacramento a few weeks ago and noticed a small noise coming from the wall. Our cat Lexi went berserk and ran to the noise only to come back to us with a mouse in her teeth.

We were ready for one pet (our cat Lexi), but two pets (Lexi plus the new mouse) was just too much for us to handle in our new home. Luckily, we had received a card from Specialized Pest Control and so we called them right away. They came just the next morning to seal off the areas that a mouse could have potentially gotten in. They also sealed off places where a mouse could also potentially get in in the future.

We were not excited about the rodent problem we had almost immediately upon moving into our house, but we were grateful to have caught it sooner than later. While they were there, they also looked for signs of other pests and rodents, which really gave us some peace of mind. Now we are happy to be in our new place because it is bigger and better than our old place. And it is, as of now, completely pest free!

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