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My Local Seattle Move

May 14th, 2013 | Tags:

I’ve lived in Seattle long enough to know that hiring a local mover in Seattle like Puget Sound Moving is a necessary evil when it comes to moving in the city. This way, all I really have to do is direct them to my new apartment and they do all of the heavy lifting.

I hadn’t used Puget Sound Moving before, but I had done a fair amount of research on local movers in Seattle. I cross-referenced Yelp and other review websites and found that Puget Sound was the best price for the best service. They hadn’t been around long as a company, but they had the experience and the reputation.

I made a great choice in hiring them and I knew that immediately when they showed up to perform my move. They were on time and completely professional. It was great to know that I was going to be taken care of and that my move would go smoothly. And it did! Everything that needed to be moved ended up being where it needed to. If I move again in Seattle, I will most certainly make sure to hire Puget Sound Movers.

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